Saturday, July 2, 2011

Please Don't Eat Your Shoes

About Bridesmaids, didn't happen. I ended up having a sleepover with a friend and we just talked about life and drama -- all the shenanigans that comes with being a teenage girl, stuff that doesn't need to be published on the internet.

Anyway, we then went shopping. I ended up buying refills on foundation and a super cute high waisted aztec skirt. I absolutely love it, and it was only 12.99$. Infact, I had been looking for a nice high waisted skirt for a while. Not only is it cute, but I can wear it work. Success. Last time I went shopping with my Grandmother on my Mom's side, my Mimi, I tried on a cute high waisted skirt. But she called it a hooker skirt and said she wouldn't buy it for me, understandable as it defines my tuchas. We then spent the rest of our day pointing out all the hooker skirt wearing bimbos that we saw. Good times.

So then, after Macy's, DeMasque, and Victoria Secret, we went on a mission to find my friend Sonya some wedges. We went into this store called Shiekh, and I was about to buy these gorgeous fake Toms. They looked sort of arabian and were peach, I might go back and get them I loved them so much.

The only bad thing about the shoes was the sign at the store:

Warning: This store carries products that may contain lead, known to the State of California to cause cancer, and bith defects or other reproductive harm.

So please don't eat you shoes.

I'll keep that in mind for the next time I get hungry.

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