Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Didn't Immaturity and Drama End in Highschool?

They say that if someone bothers you and you take time out of your day to fuss about it, it isn't worth your time. Well, this is definitely not worth my time. But I think that it's funny so I figured I'd tell the world. I really don't "hate" this girl, I dislike her and she occasionally gets on my nerves. But "hate" is a wasted emotion, and I honestly don't care enough about her to waste so much energy on her. So I'll just blog about the hilarity of the situation.

So, I got to Leadership Orientation. And I liked everyone there, except there was this one girl that I got a weird vibe from. (I can kind of read people, but that's beside the point and makes for a different story). You know how there are those people that you immediately don't think you're going to like, either because your similar in one aspect or something about them just sort of bothers you? Well she was definitely one of those. But, hey. I don't dislike anyone and I give people the benefit of the doubt. So I let it slide.

Fast forward a day. She sort of weaseled her way into our group, but hey - I got to know her a bit and she seemed nice enough. It was only after I became friends with her that things really got to heat up.

So, FYI: I say a lot of stupid things, but I'm actually an intelligent person. However, she kind of took some of her remarks a little too far. But she seemed legitimately sorry for the rude things she said. So, whatever - it really didn't bother me. But things got worse and her true colors showed. It started out with just mocking me when just the girls were in my room. It got annoying and I told them to lay off. So I finally decided to take a shower and leave the two obnoxious girls.

When I got into the bathroom, the curtains to the shower were closed and I got a sort of ghostly vibe. "Hello," nobody answered. I opened the curtain, nobody was there. So I chose the stall a few down. Needless to say I was already a little freaked out, so when someone opened my curtain as a joke. I shrieked. Hey, it was a little scary in that bathroom!

One prank. That's a joke. No harm in that.

Then they flushed the toilet, which left a cold shiver down my spine. But that's still a joke.

I guess you could say that when the girl threw a cookie into my shower stall, I was unerved. A cookie. Yes. No not like "she threw cookies" as another way to say "spewed chunks." No. She threw a cookie into my shower stall. Now let's analyze this for a moment.

1. Who throws cookies into the shower?
2. It was my freaking cookie!

By this time I was getting pissed of. Especially since I had calmly said, "lay off," after the toilet flushing ordeal. Then it happened again. By this time I was already done with my shower so I just took a few minutes to cool off.

I then calmly walked into my room, where all the girls were to see the girl laughing her head off. Real mature. At this point I had two options.

1. Confront her: Which I normally would have done. I just didn't want to risk bitching her out or crying, what? I'm an emotional creature!
2. Calmly walk out of the room.

Needless to say, I changed, grabbed my things, and calmly left. This was college, and I certainly was not about to get involved in petty drama and pranks.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Ultimate College Vacation

I guess you could call it vacation, or laziness - but I haven't had a chance to post the past two weeks on account of my amazing vacation. But don't you worry, I'm here to tell you all about it.

Leadership Orientation
Two weeks ago I packed my bags, worried that I would make a terrible impression and make no friends at orientation. To my surprise, I had the time of my life and made so many friends that I can't wait to keep in touch with at school in the fall.

I flew into the airport all by myself and checked into a hotel, all by myself. I then had a delish burger as room service all by myself, and slept in a king sized bed - all by myself. Then I took public transit to my Leadership Program at my University - all myself.

The program was full of ice breakers, ropes course, leadership sessions, meeting the deans, and even a "Top Chep" competition. Needless to say it was amazing, I'll tell you about the competition and drama later this week.

Bottom line, I had so much fun, made so many friends. And I absolutely cannot wait for school to start!

Leadership Orientation truly prepared me for regular orientation, where I met around four hundred people all at once. Luckily I had my Leadership Orientation friends to mingle with! I made lots of friends at regular orientation, got to explore and learn about the campus, and even had a blast dancing to my own drum. Literally, dance party! No body understands how us Northern California girls dance!

Visiting Family
After orientation I got to stay with my family for a couple of days. We hung out, went to a county fair, and caught fireflies (something I hadn't had the chance to do in a very long time). My cousin and I even got to finally see the Harry Potter 7 Part II movie! It was good, the best out of all movies - but, nothing compared to the books (of course).

We even got my college shopping out of the way, well most of it. All I need is bedding, and alarm clock, storage, binders, books, and some clothes. Who knew that all that dorm crap was so expensive?!

After all my fun with orientation and family, I still had an amazing American Israel Public Affairs Committee Saban (College Student) conference to attend. I was initially very worried about making friends due to the fact that people already knew eachother, but I made some friends. I even met this amazing guy, but he lives very very far away. We even got to explore D.C., and we saw Horrible Bosses together. It was great, even the second time.

The Saban conferece truly inspired me to get active in politics and lobbying for what I believe in. I can't wait to get involved on campus. Oh, and I met Debbie Wasserman-Shultz. One of my idols!

Visiting My Sister
After all that, I flew home, slept for a day, and drove to Southern California to pick my sister up from camp. She's at an athletes camp, and eats very healthy. I'm going to start her program too! Here's how it goes:

I eat less than 20 grams of fat a day. (Fat is harder to burn off then carbs and proteins because it is more dense). And around 1220 calories a day. It's a healthy life choice, but I probably eat too much sugar!

Home At Last
Well, I'm home for the next few weeks! I have so much to do to get ready for school, and I don't even know where to start! My sister and I went for a beautiful run today, it was amazing. And I can't wait to start school!