Monday, January 23, 2012

Following Fads Has Never Been So Fun

Once upon a time. I despised twitter. I didn't understand why people wanted to know when Kim Kardashian was taking a dump or when Miley Cyrus was getting her hair done. Needless to say, I was wrong. Twitter is amazing. No. Beyond amazing. Now I can talk about all the insignificant things I feel like posting on Facebook... on twitter. Rather than having to find a friend who will put up with my annoying tangents, or going on my blog and posting for hours, or even posting on my Facebook where nobody cares. There's twitter.

And, I can actually follow politicians. Yes, that's right. I got twitter to follow politician, not to hear about the Kardashian's dumps. (Seriously. I'm so sick of them - and glad I left California). I get to hear about all the interesting things happening with AIPAC, my congress people, and even Obama Singing! Plus, I follow the Queen of England. Obviously she doesn't follow me, she doesn't follow anyone. But I get to hear about Pippa... and I am getting way too excited about everything.

Anyway. That and stumbleupon were the two recent fads that I refused to follow, and now that I've hopped on the bandwagon -- I'm obsessed. Only, I hope Twitter won't turn into a Tumblr disaster - I was so obsessed with Tumblr once upon a time, and now mine is as deserted as the Arctic.

What are the fads that you're (surprisingly) in love with?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What's Your Color?

Let me just say, I had one of the best weekends ever. I spent it up in the wilderness below the trees, and it was beyond gorgeous and fun. As part of a Leadership class that I am taking this semester, I went on a retreat. It was a bonding experience for all thirty-eight of us.

My favorite part of the retreat was probably the "Colors." We took a quiz that identified which colors we were. And I was pleasantly surprised. Generally I have been identified as a "Blue." But this time I thought I'd end up "Gold." Rather, I got what I generally get - "Orange."

Now let's identify the colors

BLUE: Intuned with emotions and feelings, intuitive, caring, optimistic, good communicator, motivational, outgoing, dramatic, passionate, fun, talkative, confident.

ORANGE: Go getter, charasmatic, spontaneous, playful, fun, here and now, risk taker, completive, action oriented, resilient, challenges, enjoys outdoors, multitasker.

GOLD: Respects rules, faithful, prepared, efficient, dependability, family oriented, practical, organized, timely, orderly, punctual, schickler.

GREEN: Accurate, careful, change-oriented, thorough, inventive, persistent, un-bias, enjoys quiet and being along, logical, inventive.

Now looking at these main characteristics, you can probably figure out which category you fit in. But you might be pleasantly surprised. For me at least, I find that I am such a spectrum of colors. For example, I am a total Orange in that I am confident, fun, adventurous, and loud buuuttt, emotion is such a huge part of my life. Also, I am hyper-organized and on top of things which is a huge aspect of gold. Lastly, I ask questions like crazy (which is green). My friends always make fun of me for asking so many questions about everything and their lives. I never grew out of my "why" stage, just figured out how to ask questions that beat around the "why" bush.

So, what color are you?


Monday, January 16, 2012

Up and At 'Em

Everyone always tells you that you have so much time in college. This is a lie. It generally applies to the people who socialize, party, sleep, eat, go to class, and get involved in a couple or organization. But this is not the case for me. Rather I find myself running around campus all day, only to get back with enough time to eat, shower, and sleep - barely. And the said part is that the semester has yet to begin and I still do not have enough time to breathe.

But I guess you can say that I'm one of those people that feed on being busy. But if there is one thing this overachiever cannot stand, is lazy people - or people that just don't care. For that reason I have found myself slowly distancing myself from people who are not as up and at 'em as I am. And for whatever reason, that is the case - and I have lowered my vast list of friends to maybe a couple people that I care about greatly.

I love college I really do. And as part of the Spring semester I am hoping that I can continue to express myself on this not so active blog. Thanks for listening as I vent.

I'm trying to think of something clever and witty to say, but then I remember that I am not clever or witty. All I am is too pale for my own good. Which reminds me that last night as my friends and I were getting ready for the usual pre-class festivities, I piled on my bronzer and stood for photos. But rather get tan on my visit to Florida, I got whiter. And my photos can be identified by the white ghost. An Oreo. Because anyone who stands next to me looks black.

Speaking of sandwiches... I'm hungry.

Until next time,
XOXO Cinnamon Girl!