Sunday, January 22, 2012

What's Your Color?

Let me just say, I had one of the best weekends ever. I spent it up in the wilderness below the trees, and it was beyond gorgeous and fun. As part of a Leadership class that I am taking this semester, I went on a retreat. It was a bonding experience for all thirty-eight of us.

My favorite part of the retreat was probably the "Colors." We took a quiz that identified which colors we were. And I was pleasantly surprised. Generally I have been identified as a "Blue." But this time I thought I'd end up "Gold." Rather, I got what I generally get - "Orange."

Now let's identify the colors

BLUE: Intuned with emotions and feelings, intuitive, caring, optimistic, good communicator, motivational, outgoing, dramatic, passionate, fun, talkative, confident.

ORANGE: Go getter, charasmatic, spontaneous, playful, fun, here and now, risk taker, completive, action oriented, resilient, challenges, enjoys outdoors, multitasker.

GOLD: Respects rules, faithful, prepared, efficient, dependability, family oriented, practical, organized, timely, orderly, punctual, schickler.

GREEN: Accurate, careful, change-oriented, thorough, inventive, persistent, un-bias, enjoys quiet and being along, logical, inventive.

Now looking at these main characteristics, you can probably figure out which category you fit in. But you might be pleasantly surprised. For me at least, I find that I am such a spectrum of colors. For example, I am a total Orange in that I am confident, fun, adventurous, and loud buuuttt, emotion is such a huge part of my life. Also, I am hyper-organized and on top of things which is a huge aspect of gold. Lastly, I ask questions like crazy (which is green). My friends always make fun of me for asking so many questions about everything and their lives. I never grew out of my "why" stage, just figured out how to ask questions that beat around the "why" bush.

So, what color are you?



  1. how about red color? coz i love red so much.

    (i'm just follow your blog)

  2. I think I'm a mixture of green and gold :)

  3. @DruglessGirl: With this color system, check out the colors that you think represent you the most by characteristics :P

    @Hazel: Good combination, organized and planning oriented with a fix-it attitude. Lemme guess, inquisitive?