Monday, January 23, 2012

Following Fads Has Never Been So Fun

Once upon a time. I despised twitter. I didn't understand why people wanted to know when Kim Kardashian was taking a dump or when Miley Cyrus was getting her hair done. Needless to say, I was wrong. Twitter is amazing. No. Beyond amazing. Now I can talk about all the insignificant things I feel like posting on Facebook... on twitter. Rather than having to find a friend who will put up with my annoying tangents, or going on my blog and posting for hours, or even posting on my Facebook where nobody cares. There's twitter.

And, I can actually follow politicians. Yes, that's right. I got twitter to follow politician, not to hear about the Kardashian's dumps. (Seriously. I'm so sick of them - and glad I left California). I get to hear about all the interesting things happening with AIPAC, my congress people, and even Obama Singing! Plus, I follow the Queen of England. Obviously she doesn't follow me, she doesn't follow anyone. But I get to hear about Pippa... and I am getting way too excited about everything.

Anyway. That and stumbleupon were the two recent fads that I refused to follow, and now that I've hopped on the bandwagon -- I'm obsessed. Only, I hope Twitter won't turn into a Tumblr disaster - I was so obsessed with Tumblr once upon a time, and now mine is as deserted as the Arctic.

What are the fads that you're (surprisingly) in love with?


  1. I recently joined Twitter too and it's great! I joined StumbleUpon as well but haven't explored that yet. You should try Pinterest as well :)

    My Twitter is @PablosAngel

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely try it out :)