Thursday, July 7, 2011

Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired. - Julius Renard

I'm lazy. What? Like you're not lazy sometimes too? We all do it, it's life. But, why does the word "lazy" have such a negative connotation? I mean, it's not like it affects anyone else - just me. I mean, I just like to sit there on my computer for as long as possible before going up and doing something or going somewhere. I think that we all do it to an extent. Psht, you think you're all high and mighty.

Anyway, I'm really trying to curve this nasty habit. So I've been doing a bunch of different things to try to make my life and summer more meaningful.

For one, I try to get out of the house. I go to work every day from 9-5 (though sometimes there's nothing for me to do because I'm the Intern, so I go online), I also hang out with friends, and I'm going to Orientation and some Leadership Seminars next week! Yippee.

Two. I try to do new things that are productive. For example, I started this blog - and I feel like its productive, even if it doesn't get thousands of views. Hey, I'm thankful that someone other then myself is reading! I'm also trying to watch more movies and read more books, so I can expand my mind and widen my horizons. Not to mention, I'm trying to get back into arts such as painting. Oh, and I'm writing a novel with my friend. And it's not crap like most of those books you hear about, it's actually pretty good and I'm a book snob.

Three. I'm trying to keep track of my finances. My mom says that "I have a hole in my pocket." So I'm trying not to eat out anymore, hopefully that will always cut all the "crap I eat."

Four. I'm trying to exercise more. I went to the gym today, score. I haven't gone in ages. My mom's probably about to kill me after she's been paying for the membership for so long. Anyways, it felt good to sweat and then shower it away. Even if I only did the elliptical for thirty minutes. Hey, you have to start somewhere.

Anyway, I hope that this summer (by far the most tone-downed and relaxing) will be remembered for all the leisure time I had, and all the productive things I've done. Not to mention all the college stuff I've been getting together! This is the first time since elementary school that I'm actually excited for classes to begin!

What do you do to curve your laziness?


  1. I have been a joiner lately so that I don't spend all my time at home watching Netflix. Right now I am trying to start a new club at my university (luckily with the help of the math department), I took on a part time job that I find to be really meaningful, and I work full-time. I'm also thinking about joining a synchro club in the fall semester (I might be biting off more than I can chew there).

  2. I'd love to be more productive like you. I've been on my summer holidays since the middle of June and I've done literally nothing except blog, read and watch movies.

    I want to draw and go for walks and take pictures too so I'm determined to start that soon. I don't want my holidays to be wasted if you know what I mean?

  3. I guess the hardest part of it all is the motivation to be more productive. I don't think you're lazy, I just think your interests lie elsewhere (depending on what you're doing on the computer). I know what you mean though. I've had three days of emptiness (meaning no plans) and I haven't even got round to doing my dishes. I'm just like "meh". (That's the fun part of living alone, I suppose, I can actually afford doing nothing all day.)

    I hope you'll succeed in your change of lifestyle though.

  4. Just another thought: That sounds great! What kind of club are you starting? I think life is all about finding what you love and what makes you happy and sticking to it. As long as you use good time management and keep your priorities straight, that sounds amazing. Just don't be afraid to say know. It can be hard sometimes.

    Hazel: I completely know what you mean, it's really hard to gain the initiative and strength. But the only thing stopping you is yourself, maybe you can start by doodling. Or just wake up one morning and say, "I'm going to do this today." When you make a promise to yourself, you owe it to yourself to keep it.

    Sabrina: Thanks, and I guess that's a good way to put it. It's just that my generation, and maybe the generation before me, is so hooked onto the computer! I think it's fine to take a lazy day, it's just a problem when that one day becomes your life.

  5. Omg I use to be sooo lazy, but that's just cause I never had anything to do.... But now I go to the gym everyday, at first it use to be tireing, but now it feels good. Ever since I started going to the I hate just sitting around, I have to be up and moving.

    P.s the word lazy does have a begative connotation.... When people use to call me lazy I would get so offended and be like "no I'm not!!"..... People don't say that anymore to me but if they were I'd be like "so....."

  6. That's so admirable that you go to the gym every day! I'm trying to do that too, I'm going today too. Exercise is really good for you though, not just because it's healthy, but because it releases endorphins which make you happy. :)

  7. I'm in the exact same situation! I don't want to waste my holiday, but it just seems easy to wake up at 12, eat breakfast, go on the computer, read, and its not until the evening that I usually see my friends, get in late, sleep till midday again. Its just the period of time in the afternoon I don't know what to do with!
    I've started blogging because I want to become a writer and get as much practice as possible, and I've started going swimming as a means of exercise. Me and my friends get creative and take pictures and things too. I've been trying to find a job also, but no luck as of yet! I only seem to feel motivated when its sunny, and well, living in Scotland - the sun doesn't come out often!

    But yeah I like your blog! Check me out here

  8. @Medeline: I think the best thing you can do to motivate yourself is exercise. So I think it's excellent that you swim. There's nothing wrong with relaxing. As long as it's for a short period of time and doesn't turn into a disgusting habit. I will definitely check out your blog, thanks for reading mine! :)