Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A beautiful thing never gives so much pain as does failing to hear and see it. - Michelangelo

When you're little, you're exposed to see so many art mediums. From macaroni pictures to washable markers and stickers -- I swear, teachers will offer anything to keep little kids busy. I suppose that's why I've always adored art, not to mention the reason behind the countless pastels and oil painting classes I made my mom sign me up for at the mere age of five. Not to say I'm some sort of prodigy, I was really good when I started. But then I stopped, who knows what other mediums I could have dabbled in.

But that's beside the point, the point is that there are real prodigies out there, artists that put the amaze in amazing. One such painter is the magnificent Michelangelo, a spectacular Renaissance painter. (Today is actually the anniversary of his birth).

There are three works that you probably know him best for.

Michelangelo's David is a beautiful piece of artwork. Not only has it lasted for hundreds of years in pristine condition, but it's splendor has only grown with age. The bottom half of the sculpture is slightly graphic, I just do not want to have to mark my whole blog as mature.

The sculpture captures the biblical story of David and Goliath. In Samuel, chapter 17, Saul and the Israelites are being threatened by the Philistines. Goliath, the strongest and greatest of the Philistines challenges the Israelites to find someone who can defeat him. If they can, the Israelites will be declared victorious over the Philistines. Saul and the Israelites are weary, but David accepts the challenge (hearing that there is a reward for him if he wins). All he takes with him is his sling and five stones, and declines the armor that Saul offered.

With all of his might, David slings a stone into the center of Goliath's forehead. The Israelites were victorious.


Another famous piece of art by Michaelangelo, is the fresco on the top of the Sistine Chapel. It depicts different scenes from Genesis. It's quite beautiful, and I'm sure you've seen the famous "Creation of Adam" with Adam touching G-d. It's so spectacular, in fact, that when I went to Vatican for the first time - my mom was so exhausted from the trip, she fell asleep. Yep, that's my family for you


Another sculpture by Michelangelo is The Pieta in St. Peter's Basilica, also in Vatican City. It depicts the body of Jesus on his mother's lap (Mary) after the Crucifixion.

It's been 536 years, yet Michelangelo stays a house-hold name whose impact in Renaissance art is un-fathomable.

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