Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dancing in the Rain

Dancing in the rain. For some this humble rain dance is a poor excuse to wear a white T-shirt and show off your ta-ta's to your overly attractive neighbors, for others it is a spiritual awakening of the senses. Yeah, let's go with the second one. For some oddly primitive reason I love the rain. Rain is the blood of the earth. It flows over mountain tops, streams, and valleys. Rain seeps its way through nature leaving only an abundance of life in its footsteps. In some distant life I was a Native American Princess. Nature is so incredibly beautiful to me. There is nothing I love more than being close to the earth. Perhaps it is the Taurus within me but I love Nature. The Beach. The Forest. The Mountains. I love the beauty that is this earth.

Rain is a constant reminder that we are delicate creatures. Rain is a constant reminder that there is something greater than the individual. Rain is a constant reminder of something greater than human-consciousness. Rain is beautiful. Rain is peaceful. Rain is life.

This, and an abundance of other reasons, is why I love Jersey Summer. I love hearing the comforting trickle of rain at my window. I love hearing the sky's thunderous cry. And I love spinning, running, dancing - lifting my hands up to the celestial sphere. The feeling of warm summer rain on my cheeks, soaking my shirt, my sskin, my feet. I love this constant reminder of the beauty of the earth, and the constant flow of time that is life.

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