Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cinnamon's Bucket List

Inspired by Alice's Bucket List, and realizing that I have not been posting as much as I should, I have decided to publicize and (hopefully) keep track of my own life goals. If you did not know already, I have a very addictive personality. When I think of something I want to do, I have to do it -- no matter what. I then obsess over this idea, for a while, but this idea often disappears for a while. It's kind of like this: I start things but don't always finish. Hopefully this bucket list can keep track of the goals I have started, and inspire me to finish them.

I am going to keep a master list of all the items in my bucket list, here for now. When I add something new, I'll create a new post about the new item in my bucket list. Off we go!


 Visit All 194 Countries
Get My Beauty License 
Marry Someone I Am In Love With
Become Fluent in Hebrew
Climb Mount Everest
Go Swimming with Sharks
Learn How to Scuba Dive
Finish my College Degree(s)
Join The Sorority Best for Me
Go Sky Diving
Find A Time-capsule
Ride a Motorcycle
Go Skinny Dipping (Modestly, if possible)
Have a Garden Full of Flowers
Be in a Film
Go on a Safari
Ride First Class
Experience Weightlessness
Sell My Own Professional Painting 
Learn to Belly Dance
Learn to Drive Stick Shift
Read The Observer's Top 100 Novels of All Time
Watch the Ball Drop at Midnight in NYC
See IMDB's Top 100 Movies of All Time

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