Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Graceful and Timely, as Always!

Well. College is finally here. And rather than keeping my blog updated during the most important changing moments of my life, I have neglected to post once since August. Whoops. Anyways, things are about to change. Basically: I love college! It's so fun! I'm already getting involved with organizations and I've met so many people, I absolutely love it!

But it's the bad, klutzy things that happen to me that are most interesting. Such as my morning.

12:47 - I wake up. My next class is 20 minutes away because I have to take a bus across campus. It's a huge exam. It started at 12. Whoops. So, I run out of my dorm - freaking out - wearing my PJ's and head over to my class.
12:58 - I rush into my class, vigorously apologizing and begging to take what I can of the exam in the 22 minutes left. My professor is so sweet and let's me take the exam, he even allows me some extra time.
1:27 - I make my graceful exit, falling down the stairs.

Let me give you some imagery:


I'm convinced that this sort of thing happens to everyone eventually... Has it happened to you?

Anyway, I'm psyched to keep you updated with my adventures in college!
Oh, and I love Rachel "Mary Poppins" Lewis! Happy October, it's cold here! Brrrr!

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  1. That's really nice that they let you take your exam!