Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer's in the Air

The days are long, the air is dry. The sun rises in the early morning, setting in the sunburn sky - an array of pinks and reds. No doubt about it, summer's here. And with it, an abundancy of time that we have all wished for. For recent highschool graduates, no wait has been as long and tedious as ours. For thirteen years we have studied hard, soaking up knowledge into our growing craniums, waiting for this summer, our summer of freedom. But as the time has arrived, this victory is not as sweet. Abundancy of time is a concept that we never could have imagined, even in our most vivid fantasies. And on that note, I start this blog. A blog where I can express myself as I transition through chapters into my life. The cradle of childhood, and the freedom of aduldhood. Wish me luck!

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